Bonds in Nature

Birds and Animals

"Almost always, when I am inspired to sculpt a bird or an animal, it is the result of a connection made in some way that creates a bond between myself and a beautiful creature of nature. "Butterscotch" was the result of having been caretaker for this pudgy, tame and lovable animal for three and a half weeks, while he modeled for a class I taught at St. Mary's Academy in Denver. Bird sculptures result from watching them and being completely taken in by their beauty and antics. "Winter Morning", for example, was sculpted after seeing starlings huddling on my fireplace chimney on a cold snowy morning. Serendipitously, my camera was laying on the dresser by the window, so I was able to photograph them as they were interacting with one another, trying to catch warmth from the chimney. For every sculpture, there is a story."

Darlis Lamb (August, 2000)

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